Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd aims and acts to promote accessibility for all its customers and visitors to its sites, as well as accessibility of its website including for those with sensory, cognitive or technological disabilities. Gav-Yam therefore operates according to Israeli accessibility laws, in particular the Equality of Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 1998, and the regulations arising from it.

Accessible Website
An accessible website is one that allows anyone with every type of disability to browse in it with the same degree of efficiency and enjoyment as every surfer, and helps to create equality of opportunities on the Internet for people with a range of disabilities and people who use technological aids for computer use.
The Group accords the greatest importance to adapt its website as stated above to allow the entire population an equal opportunity and access to service and information, and it has invested enormous efforts to make the website accessible to facilitate persons with disabilities to surf with ease.

Information on website accessibility

  • This website meets the Equality of Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments for Service) Regulations, 2013.
  • The website complies with the requirements of Israeli standard IS 5568 for accessibility of Internet content to level AA and with the recommendations of Document WCAG2.0 of the W3C organization (excluding the national modifications and additions noted in it).
  • The website is adapted to work with the most common browsers and use on a cellular telephone.
  • To obtain the best browsing experience with screen reader software, we recommend the use of the latest version of the NVDA program.
  • The website structure is designed to allow the operation of various accessibility technologies, including.
  • Support for accessible browsing in the traditional way using the arrow keys and clicking on Enter and Esc to enter and leave menus.
  • Increasing and decreasing the size of text using the Ctrl key and the “+”, “-” and “0” keys and/or using the Ctrl key with the mouse wheel.
  • Change of size of the screen display using the F11 key.
  • Adaptation of the website to working environments at different resolutions.
  • There is a text alternative for graphical objects.
  • Links on the website are clear and include an explanation of where they lead.
  • Possibility to change the colors on the website by pressing on the background key on the website.

Accessibility of documents

We are in the middle of the process to make documents on the website accessible, with accessibility based on the relevance of files and their update date.
If you come across a file that is not accessible, and you need to adjust the accessibility, please use “Contact us” on our website or contact our Accessibility Coordinator using the contact details below.

Accessibility of the Group’s Customer Service
Staff training
The Group’s Management accords the highest importance to accessibility of properties and accessibility to Customer Service. To this end the Group’s managers and employees undergo training for service accessibility and accessibility in general, during which employees acquire tools to provide accessible service. The purpose of these training sessions is to create awareness among the Group’s employees and its managers of the principle of accessibility and to provide them with practical tools to provide accessible service.

Access to the Telephone Call Center
The existing telephone call routing at the Group’s head offices is accessible for customers with disabilities, does not have background music, is slow and spoken clearly. In addition, the Group’s employees and managers have taken and continue to take courses to provide accessible service.
Telephone Call Center: *3354
There are other ways of contacting the Telephone Call Center; a fax can be sent to: 04-8533567
Accessibility arrangements at properties of the Group
The Group has acted to comply with the requirements of the Equality of Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 1998, so that its public properties are accessible to the general public.

Contact us
We welcome inquiries to obtain information and/or suggestions for improvements in all matters related to accessibility at the Group’s properties and/or its website. You are invited to contact the organization’s Accessibility Coordinator at any time.

Accessibility Coordinator at Gav-Yam
Ms. Nili Sharon Tayar
Tel: 04-6644200